Amazing MLB Documentary

Hey all,
My father (who has Parkinson Disease) and I road-tripped 20,000 miles (totally grassroots) in just two months to see a game at each of the 30 MLB parks. Along the way we interviewed fathers and sons, mothers and daughters and fellow Parkinsonians. We also hit the Hall of Fame, Louisville Slugger Museum, the Negro League Museum and the epic Field of Dreams.

The film has won awards and received a standing ovation from a crowd of over 500 at the Phoenix Film Festival.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this film will be split between the National Parkinson Foundation and the Michael J Fox Foundation. For more info including trailers and news clips, please check the website:

If you’d like to schedule a screening in your town, please let me know!

Game #19 – Olympic Stadium 7/27/04

If you missed it, you missed it. This was truly a bizarre baseball experience. Announcements in French, awful astroturf, Todd Zeile pitching…and then in the SECOND inning…

Game #15 – Hubert Humphrey Metrodome 7/22/04

Not pretty — just ask any Minnesotan.

Game #16 – US Cellular Field 7/23/04

Our night was made great by a couple of things — getting to see the home plate of Old Comiskey (a true classic), the Rat Pack singers throughout the night (Frank was spectacular) and a firework show my dad called the best he ever saw. Could’ve done without the big gong SFX and “Mr. Zero” graphics display for closer Shingo Takatsu.

Game #17 – Jacobs Field 7/24/04

The “Jake” seems to have made an awful lot of Cleveland fans happy — just ask them about the 80,000+ seat frozen shell that was Municipal.

The Field of Dreams 7/21/04

If you like baseball at all, you must go. Words do not do this place justice. It is beautiful and somehow spiritual. Heaven? No. It’s Iowa.

On the rails outside Cooperstown 7/26/04

The Baseball Hall of Fame is spectacular — not to be missed for anyone looking at a historical perspective of the game.

Game #18 – Shea Stadium 7/25/04

Old Shea holds up well. You can’t beat the subway to the game, the big apple out of the hat in center or getting a picture taken with Mr. Met.

Game #20 – Wrigley Field 7/30/04

One of the top two on most people’s lists — and for good reason.

Game #21 – Miller Park 8/1/04

Beautiful park on a beautiful day. Although old Milwuakee County had amazing charm (gotta love the smell of the grilled onions and peppers marinated into the concrete walls where chickenwire protrudes), the fans still bring all their tailgate savvy.